Design out the box!

<h1>Think design of the box</h1>

The challenge of this project was to recreate the logo and digital design of the website and online campaigns. To create the design concept we conduct an online survey with some members and users.

My Approach

  • I performed an analysis to determine the needs and desires of the users and assosiados;
  • Conduct online and offline market research;
  • Define concept and Information Architecture;
  • Brand creation;
  • Create wireframe and initial mocks.
  • Interaction Design and HTML/CSS development.


  • Increase of affiliated artists;
  • Increased number of users;
  • Significant increase in website credibility.

Next steps

  • Design of online campaigns;
  • Evaluate content changes using A/B test;
  • Improve checkout to increase purchase conversion

Website Artshare