Design out the box!

<h1>Think design of the box</h1>


The project relied on client offline campaigns. The goal was to create the ecommerce layout that reflected the offline campaigns.
I worked with the marketing department, translated the campaigns to the online media and conducted research and testing A / B with customer

My Approach

  • I performed an analysis to determine the needs and desires of the users and assosiados;
  • Conduct online and offline market research;
  • Define concept and Information Architecture;
  • Brand creation;
  • Create wireframe and initial mocks.
  • Interaction Design and HTML/CSS development.


  • Increase of affiliated artists;
  • Increased number of users;
  • Significant increase in website credibility.

Next steps

  • Design of online campaigns;
  • Evaluate content changes using A/B test;
  • Improve checkout to increase purchase conversion