Design out the box!

<h1>Think design of the box</h1>

Female Pet

Redesign of the online store of Female Pet Shop.
The desire of the customer is to be the leader in online sales of the sector in Rio de Janeiro and to promote services ofline.

My Approach

  • Identify possible usability issues in the previous online store;
  • Apply market research with customers;
  • Identify the best CMS to develop the e-commerce;
  • Define concept and Information Architecture;
  • Create wireframe and initial mocks;
  • Interaction Design and HTML/CSS development


  • Increase of 38% in sales in the first 3 months;
  • Promotions such as “free shipping” and “same-day delivery” to Rio de Janeiro viralized on social networks

Next steps

  • Create campaigns to promote "pet bath" and veterinary services.